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You will find some programming examples here on my website. Use the code as you wish...

The photo you see here was taken by me in the State of Oregon.








Target Freight Management, Inc

Senior .NET Software Engineer

Parcel Rater - Lead Programmer

◦ Designed the main MS SQL database.
◦ Redesigned the database based on new information.
◦ Designed and coded all the SQL Stored Procedures.
◦ Sole designer of the User Interface (UI).

FTP IM Watch

◦ IM stands for the external Company Name...
◦ Completely automated.
◦ Designed all the programs code and UI.
◦ Designed the folder watch and retrieval sub systems.


Genesys Softworks

Sole Designer, Director and Software Engineer

Family Ancestors
Senior designer and architect of a family tree system to store and retrieve relatives. The system has over 1,900 lines of code with 4 screens to enter/edit or delete data. This was a very large project.

Rotating Cube

Using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), xaml (Extensible Application Markup Language), and C#, (C-Sharp) along with WinForms, designed a 3d cube where the user can place different images on each side and rotate it 360 degrees in any direction (-180 to +180 degrees).


Liberty Tire Recycling

Senior .NET Software Engineer/Programmer

Accident Portal

Sole designer of a website to tract company vehicle accidents. 104 fields of data could be entered including but not limited to the driver of the truck; location of accident; witness information; phone numbers; insurance information; license plate and state of plate; police information; upload accident reports; photos and other documents; payments made or received for each accident. Unlimited entries on the accounting side to tack all amounts paid or received and classify each. Designed the SQL database, stored procedures, functions and a view for future reporting. 

Crystal Reports

Added new fields, and fixed other issues, to existing reports. Added to the existing views. Added new sources to existing reports.


Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research Inc

Senior .NET Programmer

New Heat Treatment System (V2)

Using Unitronics newest PLC, Unistream, designed PLC logic and screens to run heat treatments autonomously while storing the data onto a 32Gb SD card in a CSV formation. Using FTP to move the data onto the server for analysis, the PLC can also show a real time graph. Using the open source Gecko engine, used in Firefox, a 12 panel display was designed using C#.

Heat Treatment System (V1)

Designed software to read PLC data, temperatures, for furnace heat treatments. Working alone, removed 3 old RS232 to Ethernet temperature thermocouple systems and installed and programmed 5 Unitronics Vision 130 PLCs with 48 channels each. Programmed each PLC to read thermocouple probes, 80% K wire and 20% S wire. Rewrote VB6 app into VB.NET with added functionality.

Drop Tower System

Designed and programmed the drop tower control system using a Unitronics Unistream 7 inch touch screen PLC as the controller. The ladder logic has many features for safety and sounds an alarm before the drop occurs.

Hardness System

Designed .NET software to record and store data from the hardness test machine. Using a RS232 to USB converter, the system reads the printout, dot matrix RS232 printer port, from the unit and converts it to readable data, preforms various calculations then stores the data into a SQL database

Calibrate Everything (aka EvE)

Designed a system for quality assurance (QA) to verify calibrations of various equipment. This includes, but not limited to, calipers, micrometers, temperature controllers, extensometers and clip gauges.


FS Elliott

UI/UX Web Design

Completely redesigned to meet FS-Elliott’s requirements. Over 90 percent of the website is database driven using direct connections and stored procedures to save/retrieve data including HTML, images and financial data..

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You may contact me at the below email address.

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